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Risk Rating

Jerome Powell said the Federal Reserve would hold off on lowering interest rates most likely through March, earning season over and with the Fed meeting past us look for markets to move sideways as the economy finds its footing after a very busy march. Economic QT should subdue economic growth moving into Q1

5 out of 10

Updated January 9th rating is for one month from update day

What is the risk rating

Our Risk Rating is a indicator that puts the current markets risk exposure into a numerical rating system, the lower the rating the less risk associated to markets between reports, the higher the rating the more risk associated to equity markets between reports. 

01 out of 10

No risk to markets in the short term, Rally's on.

03 out of 10

Moderate risk to markets, mostly positive day with moderate  negative days.

05 out of 10

Markets will consolidate and move sideway in the short term, no indication of positive or negative momentum.

07 out of 10

Moderat Risk to the down side is moderate,  Look for losses in the short term with less winning days look for some good safe alternative assets to hedge against these losses.

09 out of 10

Circumstantial threat to markets that will push equity markets into the red in the short term, protect your assets from downside exposure.

02 out of 10

Light risk to markets, mostly positive days with minimal negative days.

04 out of 10

Higher risk to markets, higher amounts of negative days in the market, equities should have overall gain in the short term.

06 out of 10

Risk to the down side is low but supported, Look for losses in the short term with a mix of winning days and stick to your strategy.

08 out of 10

High risk for markets to be negative in the short term, look for losing days with minimal winning days, make sure you hedge your investments in the short term.

10 out of 10

What is your exit strategy, brace for wide spread panic in the markets and updates on a hour-by-hour day-by-day basis and find the safest asset possible to hedge your bets.

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