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Welcome to The Risk Report

The Risk Report is a fact sheet that focuses on the current risk to the U.S economy and equity markets. This report sources news from U.S. media and encompasses economic, political, social, consumer and global events. This resource is a tool you can use to maintain a proper risk analysis based on current economic market risk. This website is designed for Economists and Financial Analysts who want to stay informed about the latest risks and trends associated to the United State Economy and Markets. Our reports provides comprehensive analysis of current economic conditions to help you make informed decisions about the economy and its associated risks. We are dedicated to providing you with the latest information and insights, so you can stay ahead of the curve. Thank you for choosing The Risk Report as your go-to source for economic analysis and risk management. We look forward to helping you maintain proper risk perspective.


My name is Noah Bohman

When I was a teenager I became fascinated with the concept of money and how it all works. As I outgrew learning about personal finance, the history of money, what money means to us and how we use money today, I proceeded to read and learn about economics and our current economic story. This passion of mine brought me here, I created The Risk Report to take my knowledge and understanding of economics and equity markets to create a report that encompasses economic risk to equity markets. I hope all of you can find the value in assessing economic risk as it pertains to your equity strategies. 

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The articles, writings, facts, information, theory and all data on The Risk Report is information expressed, not responsible for the loss or damage of a property, likeness or asset of any kind. The information displayed on The Risk Report is solely for the purpose of personal inquiry to one's individual thought and not action. The Risk Report will not be held accountable for any action taken from judgment based on information obtained from The Risk Report or any associates/affiliates of The Risk Report.

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